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About Irene Bielsa

Irene Carolina Bielsa Tafalla, was born on 11th of July in 1993 at Zaragoza, Spain. She holds a BA in Fashion, and a master's degree in Graphic Design. When she was only 17 years old she decided to go to the United Kingdom to study the last years of A Levels and Foundation Degree in Art, with the intention of entering the university to study Design, in 2013 Irene began her career at Northumbria University in Newcastle, which combined in 2015 with an internship year in a well-known Brand of“Haute Couture” in her native city. During that year her Brand “Be Romantic” was founded, throught which she aims to transmit the positive message of being different, being yourself and making others happy with small details which she transmits in her clothes. Be Romantic fashion are made by hand and custom made. The Brand started attending popular street markets in the province of Zaragoza and also participated in several showroons. In 2017 she completed her degree in Fashion and she started her professional career, always at the hands of "Be Romantic" which adapts to her concerns, emotions and color.