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Irene Carolina Bielsa Tafalla was born on July 11, 1993, in Zaragoza, Spain. Her career would begin before reaching the age of majority: at the age of 17 she decided to move to Leeds (United Kingdom), where she would complete her A Levels studies in Art. Her passion for fashion and sewing led her to begin her university studies in Fashion Design at Northumbria University in Newcastle and a Master's Degree in Graphic Design.

After working as a designer and visual merchandiser for different brands, Irene founded her own brand, “Irene Bielsa” in 2021. In this same year she is the winner of the Aguja Goyesca 2021 competition and the edition of the Aragon Young Designers Contest 2021.

Her creations are characterized by their details made using artisanal techniques, combined with fabrics from different sectors creating unique and limited edition pieces.

Timeless classic designs full of color, care and originality.

Irene Bielsa